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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 2, 2014 10:52am-11:01am EDT

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the university of texas by people always talk about this and it is quite déjà vu you because in my hometown we had 900 people and for churches and religion is what people and are counted as well for socialization and people went to church. in my particular family we had no tv or telephone and we were not allowed to wear shorts or pants because that is indecent, the same view that the saudi arabians would have an arsenal up on the county and certainly not in our household.
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so it was very like saudi arabia and i went to a church where there were musical instruments, which is another -- and saudi arabia you don't have musical instruments and you don't sing. the music is forbidden. and we sang in our church and we could make a joyful noise unto the lord, but not for that. so is very fascinating. so i did not go to church in saudi arabia and actually i did the first time i went. the business community used to have church services in the 70s and they probably still be somewhere. and i was invited to what was
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called the welfare service as opposed to church and they call it a welfare service and most of the people were either gleams and they were doing this as well and there were a lot in that as well. >> host: if you are jewish american, would you be allowed in saudi arabia and that. >> yes, they do not allow this to accompany obama on this latest trip when he went. and there are jewish americans that are part of the without particular difficulty. and i mean, they were seen as people of the book.
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so they did not have as much problem. i would say the conservative religious people still have a much greater problem with shiite muslims than christians or jews. sweeping the lowdown, but not nearly as lowdown as the shiites because they are prostituting including islam and we are not. we are just not believers. but not in the right believe. >> host: finally, karen elliott house, you close with an analogy of the royal 747. what is that analogy? >> the country is like a 747, the cockpit filled with
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geriatric pilots. and the rest of them in some cases would like to turn this around and crush it in somewhere there may be a pilot that can safely land the plane but they never get a chance. and there are those that can leave the country and whether the right people get a chance or not remains to be seen. >> host: karen elliott house as our author, "on saudi arabia: its people, past, religion, fault lines" esser buck. here is the cover. the tv is on location at pepperdine university.
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>> this is booktv on c-span2. television for serious readers. here's the plan primetime lineup. a look at the life of harper lee ann at 830, rick santorum speaks with leadership summit and then the university of michigan professor reports on the impact of the millennial generation at 9:00 p.m. at 10:00 o'clock, "after words" with cheryl temple. she argues that a desire to monitor and control the public is at an all-time high at our programming continues with ralph nader who calls for an alliance between progressives, conservatives, and libertarians, to take on issues like corporate bailout, pentagon spending, and civil liberties. that happens on tonight's booktv. >> in the 1930s and early 40s, my family traveled all over the country coast-to-coast and i
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went to five high schools in four years but i was never in a classroom with african-americans. so even though i was in the north society. and i was in the army in early 1945 and was trained for the invasion of japan and i was down in georgia for the first time in the out where i saw jim comerica at its worse -- jim crow america at its worse. and so i was on from a ship, i was able to go in the hole of the ship to keep this down and i
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had no idea what that would mean, but it was like a slave ship down below. and this went on until i became a security policeman in germany where there were bloody shootout situations between soldiers and there were many white soldiers in my experience in germany in 45 and 46 was an experience that for the first time introduced me to the racial issues of this and in a very dramatic way. >> you want to on and other programs online. this week booktv takes a look at the los angeles times
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best-selling nonfiction books. first is unbroken, which recounts the travails of louis zaffirini who survived 70 days addressed after his plane crashed in may 1943. secretary of state hillary clinton recounts her tenure in her book, "hard choices." and then we have dinesh d'souza, america, a match in a world without her. and the french economist report on wealth and income inequality in europe and the united states since the 18th century and he is on the los angeles times bestseller list with blood feud. followed by my craft, an


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